INTERVIEW: Cluster GM, Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach and Ramada Sharjah, Alper Can Bulcum

Ramada Sharjah

Speaking to TTG exclusively, cluster general manager, Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach and Ramada Sharjah, Alper Can Bulcum reveals news and tourism trends.

TTG: What news can you share with our readers concerning Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach and Ramada Sharjah?
We have currently progressed with the refurbishment of our Ramada Sharjah property. In line with this plan, we will be adding a new set of rooms to accommodate the needs of our guests individually or group requirements. There will also be the addition of meetings rooms to meet corporate requirements and a new coffee lounge shop for guests looking for light refreshments.

On the other hand, the restaurants at Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach are quite popular and have earned a reputation for high-quality service and flavourful creations. Soon it will be [time for] the end-of-year festivities and our F&B outlets we will be focusing on the holidays that come with the winter seasons, which never fails to attract a crowd. New dining offers and deals will be executed in relation to this and we hope our loyal customers will keep on coming. As the culinary industry is forever thriving in Dubai, our prime focus will be on this as well as preparing ourselves for what’s to come in 2017.

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TTG: What tourism trends have you picked up on lately? 
The UAE is known to be luxurious in totality, and its hospitality industry the same. One trend I’ve noticed in the majority of luxury hotels is personalised services. A driving factor for this rise could possibly be the upcoming theme parks across the UAE. People want to experience the complete package, a ‘world’s first’ and ‘world’s biggest’ coupled with an incredible stay that pampers them beyond expectations.
Amenities in hotels are now tailor-made to appeal to each individual guest, and personalised service is also available to cater to the needs of these discerning guests.
Our properties have built strong relations with their loyal customer base and the Ramada chain itself has a long-standing reputation for top-notch quality services and amenities.
Guests know exactly what they can expect when they enter our hotels and this is why they frequently visit. We offer affordable luxury – something that anyone can enjoy – which is what we will continue to do. It has made us successful thus far.

TTG: What do you think influences these changes?
The overall changes are brought about by the audience. You should always strive to please your customers to have a steady business, and this is exactly what the tourism industry of the GCC is doing. Changes are implemented based on customer feedback, and universal trends can also influence this. The GCC tourism industry is definitely on a par with other popular tourist destinations around the world; quite frankly we may have even seen the GCC raise the bar and set the benchmark for luxury tourism. From basic guest relations and services to butler services and tailor-made everything, we are fortunate to have such ambitious competition around us which keeps us at our best too.