INTERVIEW: General manager, The Bodrum EDITION, Marc Matar


General manager, The Bodrum EDITION (Turkey), Marc Matar exclusively speaks to Tatiana Tsierkezou about Bodrum’s charm and why the luxury property is a unique option for global travellers.  

TTG: Tell our readers a little bit about Bodrum and the nature of its tourism sector. 
Once an ancient city known as Halicarnassus of Caria, Bodrum was famous as the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Nowadays, Bodrum peninsula, the jewel of the Turquoise Coast, as it is called, has become a trendy destination famous for its unique nature, turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, delicious food and exciting nightlife.  
It has gorgeous beaches and a wide range of things to do, including sightseeing, water and activity sports, live concerts and entertainment, and this list goes on and on. 
When it comes to cuisine, Bodrum offers numerous dining options serving local food, as well as high-end restaurants. Therefore, Bodrum attracts celebrities from all over the world.
Bodrum is a rapidly growing travel destination in Turkey that managed to become one of the major sites of attractions in a comparatively short period of time. Its impact on the whole tourism sector in Turkey cannot be underestimated, and nowadays, it attracts a lot of investors. There are new hotel openings and investment projects [in the pipeline].
An international terminal at Bodrum Milas airport was built just several years ago, and now Bodrum can facilitate direct flights from Lebanon, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE. In addition to that, Turkish Airlines is going to increase the number of direct flights to Bodrum Milas airport from abroad in 2020.
Speaking about the area in general, I can say that according to statistics, the number of tourists visiting Bodrum increased by 34 per cent in the first six months of 2018, and the same trend continues this year. 

TTG: Please tell our readers about The Bodrum EDITION and why it’s a great option for holidaymakers.
The Bodrum EDITION was opened in July 2018, therefore this is actually the first full operational season for our property. We host guests from Turkey, as well as tourists from the USA, UK, CIS and Middle East countries.
The Bodrum EDITION is more than just a place to sleep—it’s a hub, a meeting place, a centre for culture, a site for relaxation, reflection and hard-earned leisure time, and place for life and play. It is a secret village of paradise, a portal to a separate and more relaxed reality. We provide a comfortable stay and an elevated experience, and that’s the main reason Middle Eastern travellers choose us. The Bodrum EDITION draws inspiration from local influences and native natural resources, yet infuses each space with surprising, ultra-modern twists. 
Our guests enjoy unpretentious luxury and intuitive service, when their needs are being predicted before they even think of them.  

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TTG: The ‘green’ movement is growing day-by-day. What is The Bodrum Edition doing to ensure it reduces its impact on the environment?
The Bodrum EDITION takes care for environment protection and we are proud to implement the ‘Stay plastic free’ initiative, aiming to omit single-use plastic from the hotel industry in our property. We pay the utmost attention to not using plastic packaging in our hotel, therefore all drinks are served in glass bottles and straws ks are made of paper. In addition to that, being a resort hotel, we use recyclable laundry bags which our guests can use for their swimming suits. Trash from the hotel rooms is recycled and all the bins are marked with special stickers to help the guests.
Our F&B team uses sustainable products and cooperates with local farmers to serve only fresh and healthy food, at the same time taking care of the environment. We’ve just introduced the ‘Fisherman’s Table’ promotion and all the ingredients are sourced from local sustainable fishermen and from Bodrum’s markets.