INTERVIEW: Managing director, Divine Holiday Management, Terence Cardoz

Terence Cardoz

Divine Holiday Management, an international Destination Management Company (DMC), works to provide once-in-a-lifetime holiday experiences to wonderful destinations spanning the globe. The company’s managing director, Terence Cardoz, speaks to TTG exclusively about the DMC’s future plans, while also sharing his opinions on how to approach the resumption of tourism.

TTG: During this unprecedented global situation, what has Divine Holiday Management been focusing on?
During the lockdown it gave me an opportunity to focus on markets that I have not focused on before. Hence, I have tapped tourism agencies and tourism board in all the niche countries. I hope that will convert into business once the worldwide lockdown is over.

TTG: As a tourism stakeholder, what are you looking forward to the most?
As a tourism stake holder I feel that tourism will increase once this lockdown is over. People have realised that life is short. Many people who were more focused on investments will now spend their money on travel experiences, rather than stocks and bonds.

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TTG: In your opinion, what will the first steps be to rebuild Africa’s tourism industry following the pandemic?
There are few African countries that are investing in promoting their country. I think all African countries have to come forward in promoting their countries so that it will boost their tourism. As for my company, I am doing an international beauty contest call Mr and Miss Essence Universe 2020. The Finale will be held in Berlin in Oct 2020. The short listing of contestants from African countries will be done in Kenya.

I hope this event will also help to boost tourism in African countries, as almost all African countries will participate in this event.

TTG: How does Divine Holiday Management plan to further lure in customers post COVID-19?
Since I am also in film tourism, I am fortunate enough to get some Hollywood films and Web Series from A listed Hollywood film makers. I hope to use that as an opportunity to promote the destinations in which I shoot these films. I am already in the process and look forward to amazing results, which will increase tourism in these countries.

TTG: Finally, please send a message of positivity to your colleagues in the global travel industry!
My advice to all my colleagues in the global travel industry is to use this as an opportunity; keep looking at new emerging markets and keep upgrading and innovating yourself. I see a big opportunity for tourism post-COVID-19.