Natural healing resources – thermal mineral water and unique sulphuric mud – are the cornerstones of the Piešťany spa, which has become world-famous thanks to its modern methods of treating rheumatism and other disorders of locomotive and nervous system.

10Each of the internationally-recognized 2-5-star spa hotels offers its own spa centre. Spa Piešťany is located on beautiful Spa Island, which has a luxurious park ideal for walks, rich cultural and social life and numerous possibilities for active relaxation.

Many cafés and restaurants offer local and international specialities. Slovak Health Spa Piešťany is a private and independent medical facility, cooperating with universities and other leading medical institutions. For more than 100 years Piešťany ranks among the leading health spas of Europe and has become a mecca for people suffering from rheumatism. Joint inflammation is reduced and mobility restored through specialised therapies.

The thermal water of Piešťany is natural curative water which springs from the depth of about 2.000 meters and appears on the surface at the temperature of 67 – 69 °C. It contains approximately 1.500 mg of mineral substances per one litre, enriched especially with curative hydrogen sulphide. It is used in thermal baths, mud pools or individual baths in bathtubs.

The healing mud of Piešťany is a peloid sediment, which originates in the dead arm of river Váh. After extraction, the mud matures in special pools for at least one year where it gains its exceptional physical, chemical and biological qualities. It has excellent heat-containing qualities – it cools five times slower than water.

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