SAUDIA offers its valuable customers three classes of travel in most of its aircraft; First Class, Business Class, and Guest Class. Customer satisfaction is a top priority both in the air and on the ground, beginning with reservations, check-in, boarding, in-flight service, deplaning, baggage handling and assistance upon arrival. This is the type of customer care that we want to provide you with, as manifested in our slogan “Welcome to your world”

SAUDIA in-flight cuisine is prepared according to world class standards, combining the art of haute cuisine with the science of food technology. The results of the process are the tastiest five-star menus prepared under the strictest standards of food safety and hygiene.

The airlines’ catering service – Saudia Catering, has carved for itself an international reputation for food quality, which it puts to use servicing not just SAUDIA but other domestic and international airlines.

SAUDIA takes all the measures it possibly can to maximize passengers’ comfort and convenience – through its generous seat configuration, comfortable seats and all-around in-flight services.

However, flying long distances sometimes poses real challenges to the passengers’ health – disrupting their normal sleeping patterns, eating habits as well as the effects of changes in the time zones.

SAUDIA’ In-flight Entertainment features the latest state-of-the-art technology aimed at fulfilling passengers’ entertainment needs especially on long-haul flights.

On many aircrafts, our seats are equipped with personal video screens controlled through fully integrated handsets or by touch. This interactive system offers video-on-demand with 24 channels on some aircrafts, and may reach up to 40 channels on others. The video channels cover religious programs, Arabic and international movies, pop videos, documentaries and children’s programs, all carefully selected to provide wholesome family entertainment.

Skysales, SAUDIA’ in-flight shopping service, is the proud recipient of many international awards for excellence, recognized globally for its superb customer service, the quality of its merchandise and their excellent value for money.

Offering up to 30% off retail prices, the Skysales collection is carefully selected to suit every age, pocket, taste and occasion. Besides the conventional ‘in-flight product range’ of world famous designer fragrances and gift items, Skysales is also proud to offer products that are ‘travel retail’ exclusive and not available in the local markets.

The collection of products in distinctive SAUDIA’ corporate colors is especially popular – a collector’s delight and ideal souvenirs for children and adults alike.