JA Resorts & Hotels unveils five new tools for travel trade partners

JA Resorts & Hotels

JA Resorts & Hotels has shed light on five new strategies, policies and tools to benefit travel trade partners.

These include new booking technologies, a new website dedicated to travel industry professionals, new B2B communication tools and e-learning opportunities, incentive schemes and fully flexible cancellation policies. 

Vice president of sales and marketing, JA Resorts & Hotels, Thomas Grundner explained: “We have used this downtime productively and really examined where we can streamline our communication and improve our processes in relation to our travel trade partners.


“It is clear that we need to be nimble, expect constant change and take a speed-to-market approach with any changes. The answer of course lies in digital and using technology as much as possible, hence we are introducing five new tools and initiatives to take us into the future in a flexible and adaptable manner,” he said.

JA Resorts & Hotels’ new booking technology, entitled JA CONNECT, has been designed to assist trade partners and corporate clients spanning the globe. Developed in partnership with Illusions and powered by the technology tool iWTX, JA CONNECT allows partners to connect, shop and book all JA Resorts & Hotels online and in real-time, book both contracted and dynamic rate plans, and have easy access to rich content such as high-resolution images and fact sheets for all room types and suites within the portfolio. The new platform reduces the time lag and potential errors of static rate loading, ensuring instant access to rates, availability and offers without having to email or call the hotels directly. Offering a seamless booking process and real-time confirmations for both bookings and cancellations, JA CONNECT will also automate payments for credit and non-credit customers using both payment gateways and single-use virtual credit card facilities.

Adding to this, the hospitality expert has announced a new dedicated website for travel trade partners, which is scheduled to launch in Q4, 2020. The website (www.ja-partners.com) will comprise agent training modules, a reservation system, news blog and multiple media downloads, and will serve as the ultimate sales toolkit. Travel trade partners and agents will have a profile area where they can upload their information and preferences.

Looking ahead to July 2020, JA Resorts & Hotels will also launch a dedicated digital communication tool designed exclusively for travel trade partners. This regular e-communication will enable a closer connection with travel trade partners, allowing them to seamlessly share the latest exclusive partner offers, important updates and key selling information. Partners will have access to engaging webinars conducted by the central JA Resorts & Hotels sales team, brand-new content from the news centre, competitions, infographics, virtual tours, training tools and everything required to successfully sell the properties and resorts in various markets.

Eager to encourage responsible and safe travel, JA Resorts & Hotels has additionally implemented a generous cancellation policy to support all travel trade partners. All existing bookings of arrivals until September 1, 2020, will now be re-bookable from the scheduled day of arrival for a 12-month period until August 30, 2021, on the same contractual conditions as booked, pending availability and excluding a few key peak dates.

And finally, JA Resorts & Hotels has shed light on new incentive schemes that are personalised to source markets. The new schemes are to be implemented the moment borders open and flights are reinstated. Each incentive scheme will offer attractive and regular rewards, including sizeable shopping vouchers per booking made up until October 31, 2021, with some terms and conditions applicable.