Jamie’s Italian opens in Nicosia, Cyprus

Jamie's Italian opens in Nicosia
Jamie's Italian opens in Nicosia

The long-awaited Jamie’s Italian Cyprus has opened its first branch in Nicosia, allowing foodie’s to delight in renowned chef Jamie Oliver’s cooking.

Jamie’s Italian Nicosia is the latest addition to a collection of unique restaurants that have already become firm favourites in key cities around the globe such as Sydney, Moscow, Singapore, São Paulo and Dubai. Nicosia is one of three European capitals, beyond London, to host a Jamie’s Italian restaurant.

The inspiration for Jamie’s Italian has come from Oliver’s passion for the Italian way of life: “Since I was a teenager I’ve been totally besotted by the love, passion and verve for food, family and life itself that just about all Italian people have, no matter where they’re from or how rich or poor they might be. And that’s what I’m passionate about – good food for everyone, no matter what.”

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As a reflection of Jamie’s passion, the menu at Jamie’s Italian has been carefully created by himself and his friend and mentor, Italian Chef Gennaro Contaldo. Rustic dishes blend tradition and original ideas for the perfect combination of authentic Italian cooking with a Jamie twist.  The ingredients are served only once their origin has been verified and after they’ve passed the strictest quality controls.

In addition, the atmosphere at Jamie’s Italian enhances the experience – it’s accessible, relaxed and bustling. This is also reflected in the restaurant design, which shows a strong influence from the old town in Nicosia. Reclaimed doors have been used in the dining space to evoke the streets of the Old Town, whilst patterned tiles inspired by geometric shapes often seen in ironwork and an antique sideboard have been used to give the space a homely feel. The restaurant has a distinct personality, but is also recognisable as a true Jamie’s Italian by the familiar style features, ambience, food quality and service of delivery that are all part of the experience.