Kempinski Hotel Ajman launches eco-friendly Golf On the Beach concept

The five-star Kempinski Hotel Ajman has shed light on a brand new, responsible golf concept, Golf On the Beach’ with Ecobioballs.

This experience grants players the opportunity to tee off into the Arabian Gulf instead of on a conventional grass course.

The newly acquired Ecobioballs are a 100 per cent biodegradable and non-toxic, and upon landing in the water, they biodegrade in less than 48 hours and dissolve into fish food.


General manager, Kempinski Hotel Ajman, Kai Schukowski enthused on the experience and explained that Golf On the Beach’, also known as Eco-Golf, was launched to offer guests not only a fun sport, but also an eco-friendly experience.

“The ocean is the perfect expanse in which to drive golf balls. This venture supports our values of environmental sustainability through Ecobioballs. So while you’re enjoying a challenging game of golf, you are also providing food for our local marine life. This new golfing experience adds to the numerous recreational activities for hotel guests, local residents and team building events,” Schukowski said.