Larnaka Tourism Board launches interactive historical attraction

Larnaka Tourism Board

Larnaka Tourism Board, in collaboration with Youth Board of Cyprus, has unveiled the innovative new historical attraction – Larnaka Storytelling Statues.

The project enables locals and visitors to learn the history of symbolic figures connected to the city in an interactive way through statues ‘telling’ their own stories.

Five statues were revealed in the first phase, each featuring Quick Response Codes (QR codes) which can be scanned by a smart mobile device with internet connection. The mobile device then receives a phone call ‘from’ the statue, which will proceed to recount its own, unique story about its connection to Larnaka (in English or Greek) as though having a real, live telephone conversation.

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Created to offer a modern, interactive experience that will be rolled out to further attractions in the future, the attraction is supported by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism of Cyprus and the Larnaka Municipality.

The first five statues include Zeno of Kition, founder of the Stoic school of Philosophy – who ‘talks’ about his philosophical values; artist Michael Kashalos – who explains his change of career to painting at the age of 70; Apollonios of Kition – whose lesser-known story as one of the most important physicians of antiquity is revealed; General Kimon – who defeated his enemies even in death in the fifth century BC; and the Winged Lion of Venice – a gift from Venice to commemorate its twinning with Larnaka.

Plans for future expansion of the project comprise sculptures and statues found at the landmarks of Agios Lazarus church, the Pierides and Kyriazis museums, the Armenian Genocide Memorial, the statue of Archbishop Makarios, the Blare of Peace (in the Municipal Gardens) and the sculpture dedicated to Sophie Chambon. A sculpture will also be added at Larnaka Airport in cooperation with its operator, Hermes Airports.