Lausanne Tourism ever-enticing GCC market

Lausanne Tourism

Lausanne Tourism is focusing on highlighting its latest tourism promotions for GCC travellers at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2019.

The board’s representatives are utilising the platform to explore new markets and clients, as well as consolidating already existing relationships.

Market manager, Lausanne Tourism, Julia Garrigues remarked: “We have new focus campaigns for families that ensure interesting experiences with connecting rooms and suites for children.


“During this year’s ATM, we hope for more guests from the GCC region and long-stayers to visit Lausanne, a destination with similar hospitality and a mixture of stunning locations to see, including the Alps, chocolate and cheese factories, as well as the modern elements of Switzerland. Being a focal point of departure, tourists can also visit the neighboring cities of Bern, Zurich, and Geneva by bike, bus, train, or boat.”

Lausanne is also set to present an exciting upcoming festival this year that takes place every 25 years. Visitors are invited to join in on the century-old traditions involving the life of the Swiss farmers, that is very significant to the region. Breathtaking backdrops of surrounding mountains and lakes make for an enjoyable commemoration in the streets from the end of July until August, in a good Swiss ambiance.

Garrigues concluded: “This festival is definitely an event that should not be missed. Since it happens every quarter of a century, it is going to be an energised celebration filled with an abundance of fun and activities for people of all ages to indulge in. We hope visitors from UAE and the rest of the GCC countries can come and experience such an exciting occasion.”