LEVA Hotels rolls out brand conversion options

LEVA Hotels

Adapting to a new hospitality business landscape brought forth by the global pandemic, LEVA Hotels has rolled out brand conversion options for existing properties seeking change.

These new options give hotel owners the choice of having one of the LEVA brands or managing the owner asset with their branding as a third party or white label operator. This offers a higher Gross Operating Profit (GOP) as well as lower management fees; guarantees global operations with a highly experienced international team which is focused on revenue maximisation; and offers cost effective models and fees.

Founder and CEO, LEVA Hotels, JS Anand commented on the development: “The world is changing and so is the way to do business in our industry. There are many variables coming into play. Hotels need much more than just conventional hotel management agreements. LEVA Hotels gives access to a unique portfolio of brands and an internationally rounded management team with standardisation, action and result oriented to focus on bottom line owner profitability. We have carried out brand conversions and positioning in less than 60 days.”

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LEVA believes that third party management is an ideal alternative to the traditional asset or resource-heavy owner operator or direct management structure. Under the scheme, property owners can take over the franchise of any brand along with the stellar management services of the LEVA team.

Annand said: “We have also launched a design division called 319 Interiors, whereby we have the resources of an architect and designer to create a soft cosmetic refurbishment model with elements of the brand.

“On the management side we ensure greater flexibility in contract terms, higher profits due to a lower cost structure by way of clustering resources across multiple properties and more defined management methods,” he concluded.