Marriott International introduces redesigned mobile app

Marriott International

Marriott International has launched its upgraded and engaging Marriot Mobile app for the company’s Marriott Rewards members.

The innovative mobile experience is available to iOS users in five different languages, with Android coming soon. Guests will be able to benefit from new and extended digital features; customised travel content; simple, on-button navigation; and a new swipeable discovery home screen.

Unlike any other typical hospitality app, the Marriott Mobile app goes beyond transactions and one-size-fits-all content. The new app aims to provide Marriott Rewards members with a personalised travel experience, whether it involves trip planning, travel preparations, transit phases, or enjoyable hotel stays.

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The app will display content and features based on what services members will require at a specific moment during their journey.

“Smart devices are now everyone’s indispensable travel companion, as more and more travellers increasingly expect to have their needs satisfied using their mobile phone,” explained senior vice president of digital, Marriott International, George Corbin.

“Marriott is using mobile to introduce and revolutionise the next generation of customer service to travellers worldwide, delivering a far more personalised and anticipatory stay experience.”

More than half of smartphone owners utilise their devices for travel purposes, and according to Google, 74 per cent of people have at least one travel app installed.
Therefore, the company’s objectives focus on engaging with travellers on the platforms where they are most active.

The Marriott Mobile app is available from the Apple App Store in English, Chinese, Spanish, French and German. Following this year, Android users will be able download the app from Google Play.