TTG MENA Publications

TTG Middle East & North Africa (TTG MENA) is a premier travel trade publication for the region. Part of the global TTG group, it features well researched and comprehensive coverage of our 20 regional countries as well as wider global news, providing the latest and most relevant regional and international travel trade news for travel industry professionals. Published monthly in digital format, with three dedicated print issues (March, April and November), TTG MENA is read by more than 36,000 travel trade professionals around the world.

In addition, due to readers feedback, TTG Luxury has now merged into our monthly issue  as a dedicated and exclusive section; allowing for year round news updates!

It is distributed at all major regional and international travel trade exhibitions and is frequently a media partner for these high-profile shows.

Digital Issues


Our fully digital publication is published monthly and sent directly to your inbox. Both current and past issues of TTG MENA newspaper are also made available on the TTG MENA website.

Print Issues


TTG MENA newspaper includes three dedicated print issues (March, April and November). These are distributed at all major regional and international travel trade exhibitions.

What is a fully interactive advert in TTG MENA?

TTG MENA is the first digital travel trade publication to cover the full spectrum of news and events spanning the Middle East and North Africa region, as well as relevant global news that assists members of the regional travel trade community with keeping up to date.

Our digital issues are published to our website each month and are made available to the general public as well as members of the trade on a permanent basis.

One of the unique features the TTG MENA publication offers is a choice of two types of advertisement: the ‘Basic Digital Advert’ and the ‘Fully Interactive Advert’.

The ‘Basic Digital Advert’ promotes your company in the same way a normal print advert would, but additionally allows for a hyperlink of your choice. This offers the same benefits of an online banner, in addition to the benefits of print quality art.

The second and most exciting advert is the ‘Fully Interactive Advert’.  This level of interactivity allows you to include individual links to each of your social media sites, as well as your website’s homepage and/or booking engine, and even a link to your TripAdvisor page!

But it doesn’t end there! It also allows you to include a link to your promotional videos on YouTube or Vimeo, as well as a custom gallery of up to 6 images.

Not enough? You can additionally include download links for your pdf information pack or your special offer promotions.

Please feel free to contact any TTG MENA staff member or simply email for more information.


Updated with breaking news daily from the regional and international travel and tourism world, the TTG MENA website has recently undergone a refresh, becoming even easier to navigate and giving you the opportunity to not only keep up-to-date with this booming industry but to also utilise it as a platform to promote your products and services via online banners. Visitors to the website are able to download past and recent copies of the publication. The new website also hosts the informative TTG Balkans and TTG Greece & Cyprus websites, as well as offering direct access to ttgmena luxury’s website.