Meeting Point International officially opens Meeting Point Bahrain

Meeting Point Bahrain

Meeting Point International, a DMC that has over 4,000 employees in 21 countries and over 40 touristic destinations, has launched in Bahrain as Meeting Point Bahrain, complementing its operations in the UAE.

CEO, Meeting Point Emirates, David Loiseau said: “We want Meeting Point Bahrain to be our next success story in the Gulf. We plan on bringing our proven DMC model and business know-how to this exciting destination.”

A blossoming destination, Bahrain is on a mission to boost its tourism sector further. The country recorded 12 million tourists in 2018 and is expected to receive 14.6 million by 2022, according to the Bahrain Tourism & Exhibition Authority (BTEA). Adding to this, demand for three- to five-star hotels has significantly grown in Bahrain, something that tourism stakeholders have caught on to.

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Loiseau commented: “Bahrain is a destination that is offering comparable experiences to more mature tourism markets in the Gulf. We believe that it will not be difficult for us to introduce this destination to visitors from our current source markets and to be pioneers in bringing all-inclusive hotel offers in the Kingdom.”

As well as a portfolio of prestigious properties, Bahrain is home to plenty of options for tourists, including historical sites, the F1 Bahrain Grand prix, a plethora of sea-based activities, an evolving dining scene and diverse entertainment offerings.

CEO, Meeting Point International, Khaled Jouni declared: “The Gulf has become a very sophisticated and competitive tourism market with several worthwhile destinations. As a leading DMC in the region we need to have a strong presence in important destinations. Bahrain has become one of these places. We cannot ignore it.”

Finally, chairwoman, Meeting Point International, Roula Jouny, who is also the chief content officer for its parent company, FTI Group in Munich, said: “We hope to further expand our services all across the region, as well as solidify our presence in the markets where we already operate. As a Bahraini citizen, I am excited to show people this wonderful country, and in the process help it achieve a better standing in the world of tourism.”