Millennium Central Kuwait Downtown hosting Hala February performers

Millennium Central Kuwait Downtown

Millennium Central Kuwait Downtown has joined forces with Rotana for the fourth consecutive year to jointly host musicians and production teams in Hala February concerts.

Providing a blend of culture, shopping and entertainment experience, Hala February features 11 singers from around the Arab world to perform a month-long festival of mega concerts. The 11 singers participating in these concerts include Mohammad Abdo, Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, Rashid Al-Majid, Nawal Al-Kuwaitiyah, Asalah Nasri, Angham, Nabeel Shuail, Majid Al-Mohandes, Hussein Al-Jasmi, Balqees Fatahi, and Motref Al-Motref.

In addition, Millennium Central Kuwait Downtown will serve as a substitute rehearsal venue to practice and gear up for the singers’ respective performances. The shows will take place at the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre (JACC), known as the Kuwait Opera House.

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General manager, Millennium Central Kuwait Downtown, Alaa Selim said: “We are extremely proud to support in this mega festival by hosting a huge share of the rehearsals for the Hala February. It’s the most joyful time in the country, and we as a leading hospitality provider are always keen to facilitate public occasions as well as celebrate with our guests their special moments.”

The festival of Hala February, which means ‘welcome February’, is held in commemoration of the liberation of Kuwait, that falls on the February 26 each year.