Millennium Hotels and Resorts introduces ‘TooMooH’ Internship Development Programme

Millennium Hotels and Resorts MEA

Millennium Hotels and Resorts MEA has launched the ‘TooMooH’ Internship Development Programme (TDIP), which forms part of its ‘TooMooH’ initiative.

The programme focuses on accelerating Emiratisation and promoting regional talent and leadership development in the hospitality sector. It aims to integrate UAE nationals into the booming hospitality sector and boost their presence in the job market.

‘TooMooH’, which translates into ‘ambition’, is a four-tier national development programme, focusing on the career advancement of fresh graduates, executives and leaders. ‘TooMooH’ will, integrate UAE Nationals in the private sector and offer increased opportunities in the hospitality industry. Under the TIDP, students will receive training at three levels – internship, management trainee and school trainees. The duration of the TIDP internship can range from three to six months.


As part of TIDP, Millennium Hotels and Resorts MEA will partner with local colleges and universities to provide UAE national students with a comprehensive programme supporting their enhancement of knowledge and skills, thus contributing positively to the hospitality industry and the country.

Under the TIDP, all trainees will receive hands-on training in different aspects of the hospitality business so that they can join the industry, build a career and take up leadership roles upon completion of their formal education.

“With proper training and mentoring of local talents, we could change the landscape and help create more jobs for UAE nationals who could one day lead the tourism industry by example,” explained president, Millennium Hotel & Resorts MEA, Ali Hamad Lakhraim Alzaabi. “It is precisely with this objective that Millennium Hotels and Resorts MEA launched this great initiative that we believe will boost Emiratisation in the UAE’s flourishing hospitality and tourism industry.”