Millennium Resort Mussanah joins the plastic straw-free movement

Millennium Resort Mussanah

Millennium Resort Mussanah has made the ground-breaking choice to eliminate plastic straws at its facilities with the introduction of paper straws, in a bid to join the environmental movement of preserving marine life.

Speaking about the decision was the hotel’s general manager, Dermot Birchall: “We have been increasingly aware of the impact of the single-use plastic has on our oceans and the environment. One of our key attractions is our location. We are a beachfront property, so it is imperative that we take a lead in eliminating the use of plastic straws that endanger marine life. Thus, it gives me great pride to announce that our resort is saying no to plastic straws and is switching to biodegradable paper straws across all our dining outlets.”

Around the world, hotel chains have joined the movement to ban the use of single-use plastic straws to reduce the volume of plastic that damages the environment and wildlife.

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Some 500 million straws are thrown away every year. The single-use plastic has a short span usage but takes hundreds of years to deteriorate. Straws also rank in the top five of plastic junk found in the oceans.

“This is just the first step and we hope to cut the plastic waste in the coming years by banning the use of plastic stirrers, eliminating disposable plastics and removing plastic water bottles in our conference rooms.

“Unless we tackle this worldwide problem, more plastics will keep washing up on beaches. It is our aim to conduct business more responsibly and incorporating environmental initiatives into our business is a responsible thing to do,” concluded Birchall.

To inform guests of the switch, the hotel has displayed signage across all its dining outlets and has briefed the team on how to properly inform guests of the resort-wide campaign.