Millennium Resort Mussanah launches ‘Stars of the Day’ initiative

Millennium Resort Mussanah

Oman’s Millennium Resort Mussanah recently introduced ‘Stars of the Day’, an in-house training programme that aims to transform employees into dedicated brand ambassadors.

The programme assists participants with gaining the necessary knowledge and skills needed to act as the bridge between the resort and its guests.

General manager, Millennium Resort Mussanah, Christoph Schleissing commented: “The ‘Stars of the Day’ initiative will help ensure that more members of our extended family understand and live the values of our brand each and every day. The programme uses a ‘see, do, teach’ approach that gives each employee the confidence to use our mission and values in their daily work lives.”


He continued: “By driving excellence in all they do, each member of this programme will in turn take customer satisfaction to even greater heights and substantially increase the impact they have on guests’ experiences.”

The ‘Stars of the Day’ programme entails a daily three-question quiz for all employees, and those who answer all correctly receive the ‘Star of the Day’ medal. At the end of each month, all ‘Stars of the Day’ will come together for a written assessment test about Millennium Resort Mussanah’s brand, products and values. The employee with the highest score will then be crowned the ‘Star of the Month’, and will be awarded a certificate and a prize.