A minute with… founder, Blue Phoenix Travel, Ufuk F. Gokdeniz

Blue Phoenix Travel

Blue Phoenix Travel, a sub-brand of DAY Events, was founded by Ufuk F. Gokdeniz in 2014 and provides luxury travel services to those wishing to experience culture-fueled Turkey. Speaking to Tatiana Tsierkezou exclusively, Gokdeniz sheds light on the company’s focus and its new leisure walking tours.

TTG: What has Blue Phoenix Travel been focusing on this year?

This year, my favourite product that I love to advise my guests on are the Gulets. These luxury boats provide great services. I use boats from Fethiye (a city and district of Muğla Province in the Aegean region of Turkey), where travellers can sail to untouched bays with turquoise waters. In the modern world we all work hard, and Gulets are the medicine, offering great peace and serenity.

AIME Feb 2020

TTG: Tell me a bit about Turkey and why travellers should choose it for their holidays?

First of all, the service quality is higher than most of Europe, and in terms of value for money, joy and comfort, the ratio is way higher and you can enjoy better service at a more reasonable price. This is what I call ‘affordable luxury’. And when the other components are taken into account, such as cultural heritage, historical sights, great cuisine and nature, Turkey always has and always will attract people.

TTG: Finally, has Blue Phoenix Travel picked up on any new travel trends this year?

People want to know more about life in Turkey, and that’s why my new leisure walking tours are in demand recently. I offer special walking tours that have no set programme. We start walking, and where the tour takes the client depends on our conversation. Of course, my professionalism allows me to be more responsive to my guests’ needs and expectations, and we have a great time. In this way, guests see more, feel more and definitely enjoy more.