Mosaid Travel to continue cooperation with Sabre

Mosaid Travel

Saudi-based Mosaid Travel and Tourism Services has extended its 10-year exclusive partnership with Sabre Corporation

The company aims to continue to expand regionally as well as provide personalised travel experiences for customers with the help of the global travel technology provider.

“The travel industry is fast-evolving with new trends and rapidly-changing traveller expectations,” commented general manager, Mosaid Travel and Tourism Services, Nadir Kazalbash.


“Over the years, Sabre has been a trusted and innovative technology provider that understands the challenges we face, and anticipates trends and technology needed to meet the expectations of today’s connected travellers. Their technology investments help us differentiate our offerings, and contribute to our growth and success in the market,” he added.

Mosaid Travel will continue to benefit from access to Sabre’s marketplace of over 400 airlines, 750,000 hotel properties and hundreds of tour operators, aiming to sell travel packages catering to each individual traveller, from suppliers around the world.

Meanwhile, the Sabre Red Workspace platform allows Mosaid Travel to access the marketplace, offering quick and easy access to shop, book and manage travel content, such as low-fare carriers and travel management capabilities.

Sabre’s Red Workspace was introduced in 2016, and is set to transform the retailer-supplier relationship.

Harnessing data analytics, personalisation and mobile trends, the new Workspace will provide new data insights, intelligent decision support tools and new merchandising capabilities, along with a more intuitive graphical design. The new solution is set to launch in the Middle East in 2017.

“We look forward to start using the New Sabre Red Workspace that will help us provide more personalised offerings and differentiate our services.” said Kazalbash.