Munich Airport’s new Terminal 2 satellite facility to open this April


Munich Airport’s new Terminal 2 satellite facility is set to officially launch on April 26 of this year.

The new facility will allow for an additional handling capacity for a total of 11 million passengers a year, thus boosting the overall Terminal 2 capacity to an impressive 36 million.


Expected to transform the passenger experience, offering enhanced levels of comfort, the next three months prior to the official launch of the satellite terminal will see the installation of technical equipment as well as interior work on the retail and dining areas.

Following this, in mid-March businesses and government agencies will begin moving in to their stores and offices.

Before the official launch of operations, various zones within the building must gain the status of secure areas, subject to the same regulations and access controls as the existing terminals, and until mid-March, ‘integration test operations’ are scheduled to take place. This will entail 20 days of testing to simulate all passenger handling processes with a total of about 2,800 test passengers.

The new facility will add 27 new gate positions to Munich Airport, where passengers can board aircraft directly without bus transportation.

Like Terminal 2, Munich Airport and Lufthansa are jointly responsible for the satellite’s construction, financing and operation in a 60/40 joint venture.