sheds light on new corporate booking tool

Musafir is shaking up the corporate travel industry with its new corporate booking tool, which has been specifically designed to streamline the relationship between the premium travel website and its corporate clients. 

The homegrown travel provider will introduce over 900 of its corporate clients to a new age of business travel with this new booking tool, which will feature advanced travel policies, helping companies stay on budget with over 20 control checks including airlines, cities, classes, refundability and rating.

Adding to this, the new tool will boast automated profiles, allowing for the efficient import of all employee passport details and preferences, as well as connecting with single sign-on.
The corporate booking technology will also use tags to track clients’ spending and segregate them by department, designation, cost centre, travel intent and more.


Finally, paperless approvals allow for one-click processing and detailed approval requests are sent directly to line managers and CEOs.

The aforementioned features, alongside the ability to obtain real-time reports and insights, are expected to result in up to 20 per cent travel budget savings for clients.
CEO,, Sachin Gadoya enthused: “We have invested heavily in end-to-end automation on the corporate travel front. From the booking process to the reporting, we’ve leveraged algorithmic machine learning to make business travel a seamless experience.

“As we continue to grow technologically, we will also branch out geographically. We’re steadily expanding further into the Middle East and India markets, and are in talks to progress into key economies in South East Asia as well,” Gadoya added.