New branding proposition for Cyprus

With a gastronomic tradition to rival those of many other destinations, it seems only natural that the Cyprus’ travel and tourism industry should looks to the island’s healthy breakfast, and within this context, the introduction of the concept of a Cyprus Breakfast supports a new branding proposition for the hotel industry based on the authentic and traditional character of the local cuisine.

The Cyprus Breakfast Programme falls within the responsible tourism initiatives taken up and organised by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the Travel Foundation (UK) and the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI). The programme aims to establish a brand for the Cyprus hotel industry which will focus on the local gastronomic heritage, as the core differentiation factor that can sustain a competitive advantage for the industry in the international travel market.

In addition, the brand aims to highlight the industry’s social role through its support for local communities and small producers. The Cyprus Breakfast is also in line with the strategic goals of the tourism industry towards the promotion of Cyprus as a destination with authentic identity drawn from the long history and tradition of its people and its unique environment.

Travel Forward 20

Cyprus Breakfast hotels are now pioneering in presenting, in an attractive and uniform manner, authentic local dishes and products. The Cyprus Breakfast initiative has received a warm welcome from the hotel’s staff and management, working hard and innovating with new and unique breakfast recipes using local products and forgotten recipes.