Notte Bianca: Magical experiences in Malta

Notte Bianca

Valetta, the capital city of Malta, is reaching out to Middle Eastern travellers, inviting them to join the festivities of Notte Bianca – a city-wide festival featuring cultural performances, live music, late night visits to museums and state palaces, as well as late night shopping, which kicks off in October.

An ideal option for travellers from the region, Malta is home to an incredible variety of historical sites, offers a pleasant climate and comprises of tourist activities that guarantee memories to last a lifetime.

For the Maltese people, public festivals are the best way to reach out to visitors and people from all regions to promote charming Maltese culture.

AIME Feb 2020

Notte Bianca, which will open up to the public free-of-charge, will light up Valetta with a remarkable night-time celebration of people, culture and arts. During the festival, cafes and restaurants will remain open well into the night, while food stalls serving delicious food await visitors. Those attending the festival will enjoy the very best in music, dance, theatre, visual arts, literary events and digital art.

Deputy CEO and chief marketing officer, Malta Tourism Authority, Carlo Micallef remarked: “Festivals such as Notte Bianca are an integral part of Maltese culture, providing us an opportunity to share our traditions, authenticity, cultural fabrics and artistic talent with visitors.”