Novotel Abu Dhabi Gate Hotel introduces In Balance by Novotel

The four-star Novotel Abu Dhabi Gate Hotel has introduced a brand new Moroccan Bath concept into its facilities: the In Balance by Novotel wellness area.

The In Balance by Novotel comprises of four options, with the first being the Traditional Moroccan Bath. This starts with a deep cleansing of the body and a lathering with traditional Moroccan bath soap. Steam will open up the pores and the soap will then penetrate the skin and soften the dead skin cells. This is followed by a vigorous Loofah body scrub and the application of a silk body moisturising lotion to nourish and re-hydrate the skin. This treatment lasts 60 minutes.

The second option is the Special Moroccan Bath, an 80-minute treatment that comprises a deep cleansing of the body while using traditional Moroccan bath soap, followed by a steam bath and a vigorous body scrub with a traditional Loofah.  Guests will enjoy an organic ghassoul body mask that will flush out any impurities, followed with a silk body moisturising application which will re-hydrate and nourish the skin.

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Moving on, the Royal Moroccan Bath begins with an allover body black soap application, an extensive exfoliation with a traditional Loofah and a silk body nourishing cream application, followed by a 60-minute massage to release all tensions. This treatment lasts 120 minutes.

Finally, the In Balance Signature Moroccan Bath takes the body through a deep cleansing ritual with a special Loofah and our black Moroccan soap scrub. This is followed with an organic body mask which helps to purify and soften skin and a 60 minute massage. In total, this treatment lasts 140 minutes.