Oliver’s Travels offers special Halloween weekend promotion

Luxury rental specialist, Oliver’s Travels, has announced the launch of its innovative vampire vacation, an experience designed to thrill travellers.

Typical luxuries such as feathery-soft beds, wood burners and light airy rooms have been replaced with Halloween–themed amenities.

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The fear-inducing scary weekend comes with just one catch: guests must prove they are suitably vampire-like to qualify for booking, through a survey at the Oliver’s Travel website.

Situated in Edinburgh’s remote, spooky, wet and dark countryside, Fenton Tower is the ideal location to spend the scariest weekend of the year, with the downright deadly ambiance the perfect habitat for the un-dead.

Staffed by fellow blood-thirsty vampires working from dusk until dawn, the promotion offers: luxury, padded and silk-lined coffins which will replace beds in all rooms; no mirrors or any reflective surfaces; heavy blackout curtains, always drawn during daylight hours to prevent skin sizzling; a blood-curdling, tasty menu available daily from dusk, with a complete ban on garlic in the property and mud pie made with soil from native Transylvania; and on-demand vampire film screenings and TV shows, from Count Dracula to Twilight or the Vampire Diaries; plus more.

Optional extras including midnight walks through the spooky countryside and Halloween-themed beverages on demand can all be booked through the Oliver concierge service.

Co-founder, Oliver’s Travels, Oliver Bell, commented, “All of our handpicked, luxury properties have something unique and quirky about them, but I have to say the Big Vampire Weekender is a first of its kind, and we plan to create the most haunting Halloween holiday package out there.”

The Big Vampire Weekender is valid from October 31- November 1, 2014.