Oman welcoming healthy increase in tourists for Khareef season

Oman Ministry of Tourism

Oman’s Khareef season, which begins in June each year and concludes in early September, has enticed a heightened frequency of tourists, according to the Oman Ministry of Tourism.

The National Centre for Statistics and Information revealed that the number of tourists visiting Dhofar reached 52,017 between June 21 and July 3, 2018, bringing forth a 35.4 per cent increase on last year’s figures.

Eager to meet the needs and demands of all tourists, the Oman Ministry of Tourism is taking all the necessary steps to cater to their needs, working closely with all government entities and the private sector. Adding to this, the Ministry has introduced various campaigns to raise awareness of Khareef season, which has been a hot topic on a number of international television channels and radio stations spanning the GCC. The Ministry has also been utilising public spaces, such as cinemas, and social media platforms to shed light on the unique season.

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Director general of promotions, Oman Ministry of Tourism, Salem Al Ma’amari, explained that the Ministry has forged new partnerships for online marketing campaigns, including a two-month marketing promotion with (a UAE travel website) and Saudi Arabia’s Tejwal website.

Oman Ministry of Tourism additionally launched a three-month promotional campaign with Holiday ME, a travel website in the Middle East for competitive packages.

Meanwhile, on an international level, the Ministry recently inked a cooperation deal with Holiday Factory – a tourism website based in Germany with 500,000 social media followers and about 300,000 active subscribers.

In order to raise further awareness of Oman and all it has to offer, the Oman Ministry of Tourism has been present at various international travel fairs and has held meetings with GCC-based tourism operators to promote Khareef events and activities.