Oryx Rotana boasts high occupancy rates

Luxury business property located in Doha, Oryx Rotana has achieved occupancy rates of 94 per cent in Q4 of 2015 compared to 91 per cent occupancy rates during the same period of the last financial year.

The hotel witnessed an upward occupancy growth in guest rooms, suites as well as F&B outlets.

General manager, Oryx Rotana, Mark Timbrell commented on these figures: “At Oryx Rotana, we have seen dramatic levels of demand, which has resulted in higher occupancy levels. We enjoyed a relatively high occupancy rate that can be attributed to the hotel guests comprising locals, expatriates as well as visitors to the State of Qatar, especially from the GCC and Europe. In fact, we attracted all segments of the community who visited our hotel and offered them an opportunity to enjoy various outlets and diverse services.”

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He added: “Oryx Rotana recorded high occupancy rate during the last quarter of last year reaching 94 per cent, as a result of the good reputation we enjoy. This was reflected by the guests’ opinions, especially on social network sites which supported the position that we are in.”

Timbrell also pointed out that there are several plans in the pipeline as well as future strategies set to help strengthen the position of the hotel both locally and regionally.

He concluded that Oryx Rotana will put in place the maximum marketing efforts through promotions on social network sites, especially with updates and renovations carried out by the hotel. Timbrell noted that Sky Lounge cafe located in the lobby of the hotel has recently been renovated.