Park Rotana Abu Dhabi acquires appreciation plaque for contributions during pandemic

Park Rotana Abu Dhabi

Park Rotana Abu Dhabi recently acquired an appreciation plaque from the Authority of Social Contribution, under the Department of Community Development, for its contributions to Abu Dhabi’s Ma’an ‘We are Good’ charity project.

Ma’an Abu Dhabi has been spearheading charitable social responsibility initiatives since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, and Park Rotana Abu Dhabi has shown its support from the onset. The hotel has hosted medical frontline workers to keep their families safe and has been distributing meals to medical staff. The excellent support from the hotel, along with other organisations, has paved the way for recovery whilst ensuring the wellbeing of over 400,000 citizens and residents of Abu Dhabi directly and indirectly affected by the pandemic.

General manager, Park Rotana Abu Dhabi, Rabih Melhem commented: “2020 has certainly made its mark across the world. We have been and are still facing unprecedented times. Despite all the uncertainty and the negative impact of the pandemic, we have certainly learned a lot. We realised that we can help more, give more and do more despite adversities; that we can face trials successfully if we all sincerely work together for a common goal.

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Melhem continued: “Receiving this plaque of appreciation was a heartwarming surprise for our team in the hotel, as our aim has always been to help and do our part for the community. It has been and will always be an honour for us to be a supporter of Ma’an Abu Dhabi. It was our pleasure to contribute everything we have provided so we can heal as one and overcome these challenging times.”