‘Products of Hope’ exhibition hosted by Sharjah Airport Authority

Sharjah Airport Authority

Sharjah Airport Authority is currently hosting the ‘Products of Hope’ exhibition, which promotes products that are hand-made by inmates of the Correctional & Punishment Organization Department of Sharjah Police.

The exhibition aims to help inmates make a difference and assists them with integrating with mainstream society.

Held during the Holy Month of Ramadan, the exhibition displays a wide range of hand-made handicrafts and wooden items, accessories, ceramics, textiles, furniture and more.
The proceeds gathered from the exhibition will be donated to the families of inmates in order to help them with everyday needs.

All Time Aviation

Director, Sharjah Airport Authority, HE Sheikh Faisal bin Saoud Al Qassimi noted that the authority always seeks to organise programmes and social initiatives, with the exhibition serving as an opportunity for passengers and customers to get to know the talents and crafts the inmates have acquired during their time at the Correctional & Punishment Organization Department.

The ‘Products of Hope’ exhibition highlights the importance of creativity in the lives of individuals, regardless of their circumstances, as well as how one can invest talent in designing and creating various products with high professionalism and craftsmanship.