Qasr Al Hosn and Cultural Foundation launch innovative virtual tours

Al Hosn

Adapting to the current circumstances, the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) has announced that Al Hosn site has launched a virtual guided tours programme for the education sector, individuals and public groups. 

The site recently completed its inaugural virtual guided tour via Zoom for a group of 160 students. The 360 virtual tours are available for both Qasr Al Hosn and Cultural Foundation, with the unique added bonus of a live cultural guide to impart information and answer any questions.

Enthusing on the initiative was director, Qasr Al Hosn, Salama Al Shamsi: “With our recorded and virtual tours, students and lifelong learners from across the emirate are able to access the unparalleled stories and treasures found in Qasr Al Hosn, our most significant landmark. I encourage all to participate and learn about the history of Abu Dhabi, all from the comfort of home.”


Meanwhile, director, Cultural Foundation, Reem Fadda said: “Exposing young minds to the arts is so important and something that we cannot lose sight of no matter the current circumstances. We are delighted that through the wonders of technology, we are able to continue to show the best of contemporary Emirati creativity and excellence to audiences in the UAE and beyond.” The online guided tours of Al Hosn are offered to participants aged five years and above. Students are able to ask questions and receive real time answers from Al Hosn cultural guides through the live chat option, and the content of the online guided tours can be customised to the requirements of the schools. Tours are available on Microsoft Teams for up to 2,000 participants per session and on the Zoom application for up to 300 visitors per tour.

The general public is also invited to take part in the experience, with the Cultural Foundation offering live virtual tours of its current exhibitions, complete with cultural guides to answer questions.

In addition to the 360 virtual tours, pre-recorded guided tours of Qasr Al Hosn are available in Arabic, English, French, Urdu and Malayalam, while personal tour guides can be booked.