Radisson Hotel Group unveils Radisson Individuals conversion brand

Radisson Individuals

Radisson Hotel Group has shed light on Radisson Individuals, its new conversion brand that offers independent hotels and local, regional chains the opportunity to be part of the globally recognised platform.

Radisson Individuals properties will benefit from the hospitality giant’s international awareness and experience, while being allowed the freedom to maintain their own identity. Hotels under the new brand are selected based on their own characteristics, personalities and locations, and will guarantee their guests high standards of quality and ‘Yes I Can!’ service hospitality, combined with the local flavours and personality.

CEO, Radisson Hotel Group, Federico J. González declared: “The launch of Radisson Individuals marks another milestone in our ambitious five-year transformation plan to be recognised as one of the top three hotel brands in the world and the brand of choice for owners, guests and talent. We created Radisson Individuals in response to the evolving demands of the modern market for both hotel owners and guests. Joining Radisson Individuals is an ideal first step for individual hotels with strong service scores who wish to remain independent or may be considering transitioning to one of our successful core brands, as well as a strong proposition for local, regional hotel brands seeking to explore additional distribution channels and/or co-branding options.”

IMEX Frankfurt 2020

Radisson Individuals represents an opportunity for hotels to boost their visibility, nurture customer confidence and access a wider audience through multiple distribution channels and a global sales structure. Properties wishing to join the brand will undertake a compliance assessment focusing on four key parameters: SGS health and safety compliance, Online Index evaluated through their GRI, compliance with Fire & Life Safety and ability to connect to the Group’s main operating systems. Hotel members of Radisson Individuals will receive training on the Group’s ‘Yes I Can!’ Service philosophy and will have a GRI score above 80 per cent to ensure high guest service quality standards.

Executive vice president & chief development officer, Radisson Hotel Group, Elie Younes noted: “Radisson Individuals offer owners the necessary flexibility to shape their future and ensure their success by joining Radisson Hotel Group. It is a unique approach where each affiliated hotel measures success and standards based on the online scoring from guests. In simple terms, it is a brand for hotels with a proven record of happy guests.”

Meanwhile Radisson Hotel Group has signed 10 new hotels across EMEA in Q3, 2020 in the UK, Italy, Ukraine, Germany, Egypt and Nigeria, two of which fall under the Radisson Individuals brand.

New signings include Henrietta House, a member of Radisson Individuals, Bath, UK (Opening 2020); River House Hotel, a member of Radisson Individuals, Inverness, UK (Opening 2021); Radisson Blu Hotel, Sheffield, UK (Opening 2023); Radisson Residences, Baden Württemberg, Germany (Opening 2023); Radisson Hotel, Florence, Italy (Opening 2021); Radisson Collection Hotel, Venice, Italy (Opening 2021); Radisson Hotel, Odessa, Ukraine (Opening 2021); Radisson Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria (Opening 2022); Radisson Blu Residences, Makkah in Saudi Arabia (Opening 2022); and Radisson Blu Resort, Port Ghalib, Egypt (Opening 2023).