Raffles Hotels & Resorts launches Raffles Sleep Rituals

Raffles Hotels & Resorts

Raffles Hotels & Resorts has launched an intuitive wellbeing programme, which will be piloted at four locations: Raffles Dubai, Raffles Makati, Raffles Seychelles and Raffles Europejski Warsaw.

Designed to relax and stimulate a good night’s sleep, the brand’s new Raffles Sleep Rituals service will provide guests with a luxurious eye pillow made from DreamSoft linen, goodnight cards that encourage mindfulness and contentment before bedtime, and a five-minute sand timer, engraved with their personal details.

Adding to this, Raffles has joined hands with upscale skincare brand, Aromatherapy Associates, to create a Deep Relax oil that is unique to its Sleep Rituals experience. The oil is made of vetiver, sandalwood and chamomile, all of which are known to have calming qualities to promote sleep and alleviate any restlessness associated with jet lag.

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Other sleep-enhancing amenities will also be made available to guests in premium and deluxe rooms, including a unique sleep kit and a menu of food items carefully selected to help guests mitigate the effects of travel, stress and jet leg.

Global wellbeing director, AccorHotels, Lindsay Madden-Nadeau explained: “Modern travellers are challenged with hectic schedules and time zone changes, which disrupts their sleep patterns and can impact their physical and mental wellbeing. Our new Sleep Rituals, part of the global wellness programme at Raffles, provide guests with an unmatched relaxation experience, supporting their emotional wellbeing throughout their stay.”

She continued: “We are committed to providing innovative services that ensure our guests feel welcome and understood, valued and cared for at all times, and our new sleep initiative is testament to that, offering what many crave most during their travels – the chance to rest and rejuvenate. Following a successful pilot, we will look into expanding this initiative in more hotels.”

The Sleep Rituals service has been expertly developed as part of Raffles Hotels & Resorts’ wellbeing strategy, which focuses on making sure that guests feel their emotional best during their stay.