Royal Jordanian adopts new in-flight duty-free service

Royal Jordanian

Enhancing the in-flight experience, Royal Jordanian has introduced a new duty-free service aboard most of its aircraft, particularly on long- and medium-haul flights, granting travellers the opportunity to shop from a variety of prestigious brands during their journey.

This news is a result of a partnership with DFASS Group, a global in-flight duty-free specialty retailer. DFASS Group is using its large network of product resources to formulate a unique programme for Royal Jordanian that is appealing to the needs of the airline’s passengers.

Travellers can now purchase fragrances and cosmetics, watches, jewellery, tobacco, sunglasses and Royal Jordanian-branded items as well as other products. The duty-free service accepts cash in Jordanian Dinars, Euros, US Dollars or the British Pound, and various credit cards.

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President and CEO, Royal Jordanian, Captain Suleiman Obeidat enthused on the development: “Royal Jordanian’s objective to sell duty-free goods on board is an added value to the customer service it offers its passengers. This time-saving shopping experience will enable our passengers to buy their needs during their journey time.”

Obeidat further noted that the duty-free onboard sales will support Royal Jordanian with ancillary revenues, creating an additional opportunity to generate revenues.