Sabre Corporation: Focused on NDC-enabled solutions

Sabre Corporation

Sabre Corporation is well on its way to reaching the necessary milestones in order to offer NDC-enabled solutions by the end of 2018.

Intelligent retailing that leverages Sabre’s data, depth and industry leadership will bring value to airlines and agencies, allowing customers to offer personalised shopping experiences similar to world-class retailers in other industries.

Vice president of strategic initiatives, Sabre, Kathy Morgan declared: “NDC standards introduce tremendous opportunity for Sabre’s business, our customers and the industry overall – to the ultimate benefit of travellers as we model a new and differentiated travel experience. To bring the promise of NDC to life, our capabilities will go beyond shopping and booking, and will integrate with the retailing, distribution and fulfillment systems that support the travel ecosystem.”

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Morgan is spearheading Sabre’s company-wide effort to invest Beyond NDC across its retailing, distribution and fulfillment solutions. The Sabre team is additionally looking past the near-term goals of NDC to define the future of intelligent airline retailing in both direct and indirect channels.

The company is uniquely positioned to deliver technology that shapes a traveller’s end-to-end journey from offer creation through fulfillment. This year, Sabre plans to launch new service-enabled APIs and enhanced capabilities in the Sabre Red Workspace that will allow customers to shop and book NDC content alongside traditional content. In preparation for this functionality, the company is already working closely with customers including Flight Centre Travel Group (travel agent), and Sabre expects to begin a pilot programme with additional agency and airline customers in Q3.

Sabre’s Beyond NDC initiative extends far beyond the upcoming introduction of its API. In Q4 of 2018, Sabre will introduce the industry’s first Digital Airline Commercial Platform, marking a major advancement in the capabilities airlines will have to seamlessly leverage data-driven insights to dynamically and intelligently market their services, fulfill across all channels, and deliver a personalised customer experience. Further capabilities will follow in 2019, including NDC-enabled offer and order management, giving its airline customers a competitive edge to truly differentiate their offerings.

Morgan said: “We’re currently in discussions with a number of airline and agency customers on an NDC-enabled pilot programme. The goal is to collaborate with strategic pilot partners on development and integration with our solutions, testing our end-to-end capabilities to process NDC-enabled offers.”

She concluded: “NDC-enabled technology represents a monumental step forward for the travel industry as we modernise retailing and distribution solutions to meet evolving customer expectations. The NDC standards are a promising start, but Sabre will innovate beyond NDC to make the promise a reality.”