Sabre Corporation releases Sabre Labs 2018 Emerging Technology Report

Sabre Corporation

Sabre Corporation has released the Sabre Labs 2018 Emerging Technology Report, its latest technology forecast that focuses on evolving technologies and trends, which are expected to impact travel over the next 10 years.

The report offers an extensive analysis of the three major areas Sabre Labs believes will have the most significant impact on the industry: automation, authenticity and blockchain.

“Increasingly, people are coming to understand that the travel business is really a technology business,” remarked director, Sabre Labs, Philip Likens. “Even the simplest journey generates huge amounts of data. Collecting, indexing and understanding that data – and how we apply that understanding to improve every traveller’s experience – is what will drive real innovation across the entire travel ecosystem. Whether it is AI and machine learning to automate and optimise tasks, the counter-intuitive ability to deliver authentic experiences digitally or using new protocols (such as distributed ledgers) so a traveller can head to the airport and leave their wallet and ID at home – on purpose – tech is going to reshape the travel experience.”

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Likens added: “Tomorrow’s travellers have a set of expectations fuelled by ubiquitous access to information, smooth transactional experiences and increasingly personalised offers. There is tremendous opportunity for companies to begin thinking about how their brand can be agile enough to meaningfully interact with tomorrow’s travellers. This report explores how technology can mediate and enhance these interactions – and ultimately make the journey better for everyone.”

To download the complete report, click here.