Sabre webinar highlights pivotal role of technology in tourism recovery

Sabre Corporation

Sabre Corporation recently held a dedicated webinar for tourism stakeholders in Saudi Arabia, discussing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on travel.

Sabre Corporation is the leading software and technology provider that powers the global travel industry. The virtual event, which brought together executives and decision makers from travel companies and travel associations, highlighted market performance over the past few months and the role of technology to power its recovery.

“As we enter a period of recovery from COVID-19, travel players need to look into new ways to operate in this new environment of uncertainty and continuous change,” said vice president, Sabre Travel Network Middle East (STNME), Abdul-Razzaq Iyer. “Equipping travel companies with the right solutions – such as artificial intelligence-based applications, that can automate processes, intelligent data analytics and virtual payments solutions – is essential in powering travel companies to navigate through the current challenges.”

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The webinar also highlighted the significant role that travel agencies play in helping people regain the confidence to travel again, which is crucial for the industry’s recovery.

Iyer continued: “Travel agencies play a vital role in rebuilding travellers’ trust and confidence. Travellers have a new definition of personalisation that involves new requirements and expectations for health and safety standards. They expect accurate and reliable information on travel restrictions and regulations during their planning phase. We are working closely with our customers to identify the best intelligent solutions and travel safety-related products to help them respond to travellers’ new demands and expectations.”

The webinar shed light on the Saudi market’s performance in the past few months and anticipated its recovery in the near future in line with the government’s and travel sector’s efforts to elevate the industry.

Sabre will be conducting a series of webinars for its customers and partners in Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman within the coming weeks.