Saudi Arabia celebrates launch of new Arar Airport

Arar Airport

Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) recently announced the launch of the new Arar Airport in the Northern Region, which is expected to handle more than a million travellers and 10,000 flights a year.

Arar Airport has served the region with its cities and small towns since 1981, and in recent years, has witnessed a jump in the frequency of travellers journeying to and from the region. The airport therefore underwent an extensive renovation to accommodate more than one million passengers a year and has been designed to be environmentally friendly.

The inauguration of the new Arar Airport comes as part of a series of construction and development projects which are being implemented by GACA. GACA aims to boost the efficiency of the aviation sector, maximise its revenues and improve the services provided to the Kingdom’s citizens, residents, tourists and guests. GACA began the implementation of the Arar Airport development project on June 26, 2014, and it performed the operation trial on December 12, 2019, with a total cost of over $102 million.


The airport contains 12 check-in counters and six travel gates that can accommodate four planes at one time. It is expected to cater to the rising demand for air travel in the Northern Borders region.

The new Arar Airport is made up of six buildings, with the main terminal building spanning 14,999m2 and able to accommodate 900 travellers at one time. The royal terminal building covers an area of 1,800m2.