Saudi Arabia’s religious tourism sector flourishes

Elaf Group


Elaf Group witnessed significant growth spurts in Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector during the Umrah season and the celebration of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday in 2016.

An increase in occupancy rates in hotel rooms across the country signified major growth in hospitality operations during this time. The numbers mark an achievement for the Saudi government’s initiatives for Vision 2030, which aims to further increase the number of Hajj and Umrah pilgrim visitors annually.

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Recent tourism reports have reflected an approximate five per cent increase in Umrah Pilgrims, which is forecasted to grow by 30 per cent over the coming three years.

In order to cater for the ever-increasing number of tourists visiting for religious purposes, Saudi Arabia has already begun the construction of 35,770 rooms in 81 hotels, with 24,133 rooms being constructed in Makkah alone.

“We are happy to see the marked growth in tourism in Saudi Arabia during 2016. This spike in visitors showcases the country’s tremendous position as the world’s premiere religious tourism site and we continue to support this by providing the highest quality of services and providing innovative packages that will address the current market needs,” said CEO, Elaf Group, Ziyad Bin Mahfouz.

Elaf Group has continuously upheld its position as one of the major providers in the Middle East Travel and Tourism sector, namely offering religious tourism services.