Seera Insights: A new data portal for Seera Group’s industry partners

Seera Group

Seera Group has launched a new data portal entitled Seera Insights for industry partners, which offers detailed insight on future searches, bookings and traveller behaviour.

The portal has been specifically designed to allow tourism boards and other industry partners to further understand the customer journey at every touchpoint and make projections for strategic campaigns.

Eager to support the wider travel ecosystem during the recovery phase of travel, Seera Group is collaborating with partners globally to identify the most valuable data sets to tailor the platform and whitelabel it according to their needs. Phase one of the portal roll-out will focus on tourism board partners, with data delivered by Seera Group’s flagship consumer travel brand, Almosafer – an omnichannel travel brand in KSA.


Meanwhile, with VisitBritain as a launch partner, Seera is looking to further bolster its partnership with the national tourism board of Britain, which is working to promote the UK as a destination of choice to Saudi visitors.

Seera Group’s new portal will now grant VisitBritain access to powerful data sets and projections on business outcomes. Insights will be provided on target destinations, as well as details such as preferred travel dates, length of stay, booking windows, cities of preference, accommodation and airline preferences and other real-time statistics. The portal also provides insights on traveller behaviour during the COVID-19 crisis.

Vice president of data and analytics, Seera Group, Louise Blake declared: “These insights will enable a deeper understanding of the target audience and behaviours, helping our partners deliver further value. Through this portal, traveller preferences and activities can be tracked by VisitBritain, which will help them to foster a deeper experience for the guests by providing an enhanced personalised journey.”

Meanwhile, country manager GCC, VisitBritain, Sofia Santos noted: “Tourism is also an extremely competitive global industry and initiatives such as Seera’s innovative insights portal, supporting us to access real-time data on travellers’ preferences and future booking patterns, will help to position Britain as the destination of choice for visitors from Saudi Arabia when the time comes to promote travel once more working with strategic partners across the region.”

In the second phase of the Seera Insights project, the platform will evolve to include data insights from other verticals of the Group, including corporate and government travel management insights via elaa, as well as car rental data through Seera’s brand Lumi, and in the future, more data sets from Seera’s Hajj & Umrah travel brand Mawasim and its KSA-based DMC, Discover Saudi.

CEO, Seera Group, Abdullah Aldawood said: “During these times, where the travel sector has faced an unprecedented level of impact due to COVID-19, it is more important than ever that industry partners come together to support each other and create an enhanced experience for travellers. We’re delighted to strengthen our association with VisitBritain, which will support its goal in positioning Britain as a destination of choice for the region’s travellers. It will be of tremendous value, especially as travel returns to normalcy, and travellers will invariably have new preferences in terms of how and where they travel to, stay and spend their time. Seera Insights is a data-driven value-add for our industry partners helping them to understand the Saudi traveller in granular detail.”