Sharjah International Airport ready to welcome stranded UAE residents from abroad

Sharjah International Airport

Following preparations, Sharjah International Airport is now ready to welcome stranded UAE residents from abroad.

The travel hub has taken all of the necessary precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of travellers and employees.

Chairman, Sharjah Airport Authority, HE Ali Salim Al Midfa said: “Along with our partners and other entities, the airport has completed all the necessary preparations to receive residents who have been stranded abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic. All organisational and operational procedures to ensure the safety of passengers and staff will be adhered to at all times.”


He continued: “We are delighted to be able to help return residents to their own homes and reunite them with family and friends. We can only imagine how difficult it must have been to stay away from their loved ones. We will continue our efforts to welcome more residents and families back to the comfort and safety of their homes.”

A series of meetings held by airport officials discussed the various safety procedures that have been set by the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, to ensure health and safety at all airports in the region. Committed to safety, Sharjah Airport Authority continues to carry out daily precautionary cleansing procedures, such as continuous sterilisation across all airport facilities, aircraft, freight planes and entrance and departure areas.