Skyscanner shares useful travel tips with UAE travellers


According to the well-known travel search website and application, Skyscanner, flight data has pin-pointed Thursday as the cheapest day of the week to fly out of the UAE and Friday as the most expensive.

Skyscanner has revealed that based on average flight prices, travellers can save 10 per cent or more by switching from a Friday departure to a Thursday departure, while travellers may additionally find that they will save money if they travel a day before or a day after their original departure dates. Skyscanner’s Month View search tool can assist them with finding the most value-for-money flights for their destination.

Skyscanner data has also revealed that Saturdays are the cheapest days to book a flight, while Wednesdays tend to be the most expensive. Data suggests that travellers can save two per cent on average flight prices by booking on Saturday over a Wednesday.


Data also highlighted that last year, April 1 was the busiest day for outbound flights from the UAE. Generally, Thursday is the busiest day for travel, whereas Saturday is the quietest.

When booking flights, UAE residents are advised to consider flying out of a different airport nearby to save money. A family of four flying to London from the UAE in March could save over $816 if they switch their outbound airport from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. Travellers just need to click on ‘add nearby airports’ when creating a search and see if a short drive, bus or train journey could save them a significant amount of money. Another loophole is that instead of booking returns with the same airline, travellers can save money by flying out with one airline and returning with another.

Meanwhile, for those on a limited budget who cannot decide on where to travel to, Skyscanner’s Search Everywhere tool can assist with finding the cheapest destinations. In 2019, the best value destinations for UAE travellers are Salalah, Oman (40 per cent price drop), followed by Las Vegas (21 per cent price drop) and Muscat (14 per cent price drop). Other affordable destinations include Larnaca, Cyprus; Tashkent, Uzbekistan; Harare, Zimbabwe; Los Angeles, US; Madurai and Chandigarh, India; and Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Finally, Skyscanner suggests that the best way to get a good bargain is to keep track of fare prices by setting up a price alert, which sends out a notification to the user when prices rise or fall on a specific route.