StayWell Hospitality Group and Cristal Group form new alliance

Cristal Group

Australia’s StayWell Hospitality Group and Cristal Group, a Middle Eastern hotel management company have recently joined forces.

The new partnership is set to assist both companies with the development of their respective businesses, with a key focus on the Middle East.

CEO, Staywell Hospitality Group, Simon Wan noted that Staywell’s expansion into the UAE market is a major focus, with the upcoming openings of Park Regis Business Bay and Park Regis Boutique Jumeirah scheduled for 2017 followed by the opening of Leisure Inn Jumeirah and Park Regis Makkah slated for 2018 openings.

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Wan said: “This partnership will bring our combined portfolio to 13 hotels with approximately 2,600 rooms in the Middle East region. This, coupled with the recently announced strategic partnership with the Manhatton Group in China, has significantly increased our global hotel network which is now in excess of 73 properties across Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, the UK, China and the Middle East.”

He continued: “Cristal are leaders in the business and leisure hotel space in the Middle East and Africa, and represent the perfect partnership in which to grow the Park Regis and Leisure Inn brands. The synergy and opportunity offered by this strategic alliance will combine the global strength of StayWell Group with the local knowledge of Cristal Hospitality enhancing further development of both companies’ goals globally, not just in the Middle East.”

Under the new agreement, StayWell Hospitality Group can make use of Cristal Group’s brand for hotels outside the Middle East, while Cristal Group can use StayWell’s brand for hotels located within the Middle East.

Adding to this, Cristal Group will adopt key StayWell sales and marketing platforms and programmes to elevate its operations and hotel offerings.

CEO, Cristal Group, Kamal Fakhoury enthused: “With both groups now present in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Erbil, and with properties opening within the next 12 months in Amman, Abha, Riyadh and Makkah as well as further properties in Erbil and the UAE, the expansion plan is very healthy and we expect to increase the portfolio to 20 properties within the next five years.

“We are excited and very proud to forge a strategic alliance with such a well-known hotel company as StayWell, and we are looking forward to working as a team to achieve the combined proposed goals,” Fakhoury added.