Successful May for Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines has released its passenger and cargo traffic results for the month of May.

The total number of passengers carried went up by four per cent in May, reaching 6.1 million, while Load Factor stood at 78.6 per cent. The total Load Factor improved by one percentage point, with an increase of 3.6 per cent in capacity (Available Seat Kilometer). The international Load Factor increased by 1.7 points to 78 per cent and the domestic load factor stood at 83 per cent.

In May, cargo and mail volume jumped by 22 per cent, compared to May 2017. North America, Africa and the Far East brought forth a load factor growth of five points, three points and one point, respectively.

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Moving on, the carrier achieved the highest first five-month load factor in its history, which stood at 80.7 per cent. The international Load Factor increased by five points to 80 per cent, while the domestic load factor went up by two points to 85 per cent.

From January-May, increase in demand and total number of passengers stood at 17 per cent and 19 per cent respectively, over the corresponding period last year. Total number of passengers reached 29.3 million.

Finally, cargo and mail carried during the first five months increased by 30 per cent, reaching 545,000 tons.