Travelport formalises long-term partnership with Lebanon’s Kurban Travel


Travelport has entered into a five-year long-term technology partnership with Kurban Travel – a reputable travel company in Lebanon.

Kurban Travel will use Travelport’s industry leading point of sale solution, Travelport Smartpoint, to provide corporate, as well as leisure travel services to major multinational corporations, prominent Middle East firms and individuals. Aided by Travelport’s support, the company’s consultants will benefit from intelligent, fast and accurate search of high-quality content from over 400 airlines, 650,000 hotel properties and 37,000 car rental locations.

With over 260 airlines signed up to use Travelport’s unique merchandising technology, the company is able to display, gain powerful information around and sell branded fare families and ancillary products (such as paid seat assignments, baggage fees, priority boarding, etc.) from these airlines.

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Chairman, Global Holidays S.A.R.L. (Travelport’s distributor in Lebanon), George Moussa said: “The advent of technology is bringing about a change in the way travel and tourism companies are engaging with their customers and meeting their expectations. This agreement demonstrates the tremendous value we are able to provide travel agencies through our leadership in technology, content and service. We look forward to working with Kurban Travel to continually find new ways to set them apart from their peers by delivering exceptional value to their customers.”

Having acquired an IATA certification as a Level 3 Aggregator under its New Distribution Capability (NDC) initiative late last year, Travelport will soon further benefit the company by creating NDC connections with airlines as they become available.

Also speaking on the partnership was chairman, Kurban Travel, Nadine Kurban Boutros: “We are delighted to now offer our consultants real-time access to the best fares and content through a platform that enables us to quickly respond to customers’ personalised needs. We are confident that Travelport’s edge in technological innovation and advanced position in NDC will help us further differentiate our travel services and deliver exceptional customer service.”