Turkish Airlines boosting flights this summer due to demand

Turkish Airlines

Considered a key contributor to Turkey’s tourism industry, Turkish Airlines will be operating 98 flights every week during the summer of 2020, from 26 international destinations to Turkey’s most popular tourism spots, which include Antalya, İzmir, Dalaman and Bodum.

Referring to the ‘Direct Tourism Endeavor’ protocol that was signed between Turkish Airlines and Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism back in 2018, Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee, Turkish Airlines, M. İlker Aycı said: “Here at the meeting point of Europe and Asia, we possess a land that offers unforgettable memories with its unparalleled beauty. The direct tourism protocol we signed with our Ministry of Culture and Tourism two years ago opened new ways for our international guests to discover these wonders as well. We carry our guests to heavenly holiday spots in a few hours, especially if they are coming from Europe or Middle East. The demand for these flights has been steadily increasing over the course of last two years.”

He continued: “With the contributions of our new strategy, our country hosted a record number of tourists last year. We are committed to continue and increase our contributions to our country’s tourism sector and its economy. We believe that our new flights will be carrying new tourists and new records on their wings as well.”


The Turkish carrier will be operating a total of 74 weekly flights from 20 destinations to Antalya. The seven weekly flights from Moscow to Antalya will now double to 14 weekly flights following market research and increase in demand.

Another important change is in store for Dalaman. Last year, there was only a single flight per week to Dalaman from Amman. This year, Turkish Airlines will operate direct flights from four destinations to Dalaman. These include seven weekly flights from London, three from Moscow, two from Amman and two from Kiev to Dalaman Airport.

Other direct international flights include four weekly services to Bodrum-Milas Airport from London, Kuwait and Munich, and five weekly flights from Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Kuwait to Izmir.