Two Seasons Hotel conducts fire emergency evacuation drill

Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments

In line with its commitment to applying the highest public safety principles in order to protect lives and properties, Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments conducted a fire emergency evacuation drill inside its main building.

Employees were instructed to leave the main building to the specified gathering places, upon guidelines from security and safety employees and the different departments in the hotel, under the leadership of the managing director, Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments, Freddy Farid, in coordination with Al Marsa Civil Defense Station, Dubai Police and Ambulance. The aim was to activate a safety and security emergency plan, and to ensure the efficiency of evacuation operations.

As per the evaluation of Al Marsa Civil Defense Station, the hotel achieved a score of 100 per cent, making the it a safe and secure place to stay. Farid expressed his pleasure towards the application of the evacuation in a record time, highlighting the understanding among various departments and employees of teamwork and awareness extent to take the necessary procedures in managing the crises.

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