Unique experiences in Jordan during Ramadan


During the holy month of Ramadan, Jordan springs to life with vibrant decorations and delicious Iftar feasts that really reflect the warmth and hospitality of the Jordanian people.

A family-friendly destination for locals and tourists alike, over the holy period families tend to come together more often to break their fast.

“What can be experienced in Jordan during Ramadan is unmatched with what any other destination can offer. The weather is a lot cooler in Jordan during Ramadan and shopping experiences in downtown Amman are exceptional, as most of the restaurants will keep working until the early hours of morning,” a spokesperson from Jordan Tourism Board explained.


Throughout the holy month, visitors can opt for a unique shisha experience in the old downtown Amman cafés, while Knafa and Atayef tasting will tantalise the taste-buds of tourists.

As well as encouraging visits during Ramadan, Jordan Tourism Board is inviting travellers to experience the culture-fueled country during the Eid festivities, where they can meet with families and friends, or create fond new memories with new experiences of Jordanian hospitality.