Vibe treatment centre in Tuscany reaches out to the Middle East

Vibe treatment centre

Vibe treatment centre, a brand-new rehabilitation centre in Tuscany, is eager to entice Middle Eastern visitors seeking individualised treatment packages.

The centre, which makes use of both Eastern and Western medicine, is a 40-minute drive from Rome International Airport. It has become the go-to centre for those with addictions and mental health problems.

Ideal for Middle Eastern travellers, the facility stands in an unrivalled setting, surrounded by castles and quaint family homes, and boasts its very own beach. A team of highly experienced experts treat patients in a safe, positive and controlled environment, led by clinical director, Vibe, Dr Stephen Sideroff, PhD. Sideroff is an internationally recognised expert in addiction and neuro-feedback, who takes alternative approaches to stress and mental health.

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Founder, Vibe, Claudio Marianti di Pergola – a former investment banker with numerous major global financial institutions – commented: “We have helped a number of patients since we opened Vibe in October 2017 and we understand that people in the Middle East, who may require our services, will often wish to seek these outside of their home country. In six hours, a patient from Dubai could be starting their journey back towards wellness at Vibe’s centre in Tuscany.”

Meanwhile, Dr Sideroff declared: “Our multi-disciplinary approach to treating our patients gets results. Most importantly those results are achieved in a private setting where the patient feels at ease in their surroundings and is able to fully immerse themselves in the healing process.

“Each programme is created to suit the individual, where they will have one to one sessions with our clinical team and work side by side with powerful Sufis, Buddhist monks, yoga teachers and Tai Qi masters. Our patients are also supported by spiritual music healing methods, brain retraining technologies, confidence and leadership programmes throughout their stay,” he explained.

Middle Eastern patients in need of assistance can strongly benefit from cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR), neuro-feedback and biofeedback, nutrition, somatic experiencing, equine therapy, a 12-step programme, Ayurveda, acupuncture, mindfulness, gong and Sufi meditation, Buddhist chanting, yoga, Tai Qi, spiritual mentorship, massage and reiki.