Vice president, Sabre Travel Network Middle East, Abdul-Razzaq Iyer

Sabre Travel Network Middle East

Sabre Corporation has announced Abdul-Razzaq Iyer as the vice president of Sabre Travel Network Middle East.

Having been a member of the Sabre family since 2008, Iyer is familiar with the business and has held a number of business consulting and sales roles. He most recently worked as a senior director of the Strategic Business Development team in Sabre’s Singapore office. In this role, he helped achieve significant growth for Sabre in APAC across many diverse markets.

As vice president, he will take charge of increasing Sabre’s footprint in the Middle East, including high-growth markets such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Iyer will additionally help drive growth for Sabre and its customers in the Middle East’s dynamic and diverse regions and provide unrivalled expertise to Sabre’s travel agency customers.

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Chief commercial officer, Sabre Travel Network, Roshan Mendis commented: “Abdul-Razzaq has unique experience and success working in our APAC region, which draws many parallels to the Middle East. He has achieved sustainable growth within a complex region that is made up of many very diverse markets.  His global expertise and intricate understanding of the agency community will be an asset to Sabre’s customers in the Middle East and will open doors for travel companies in the region.”

Prior to Sabre, Iyer worked for BNP and Ernst & Young. He holds a BA in Business Education from Trinity University in Texas and also studied at Beijing University in China.